The above is my interpretation of a Jackson Pollock style painting.

Jackson Pollock’s Process Art    


Jackson Pollock, an abstract artist well-known for his “drip paintings,” and I became interested when I found out his art falls under the category of “process art.” As I learned more about Pollock and his “process,” I started to think about what he could teach me about process art.

The process Pollock took to make his artwork was very calculated, hence the name “process art.” His technique focused on the creation of the art, which combined with the movement of his body; the pouring, dripping, or splattering of paint; and the force of gravity. He didn’t use usual painter’s tools like brushes and easels in his process. Pollock would re-work his canvases to create webs of patterns, and his dynamic approach allowed him to simulate the chaotic patterns which would be seen in nature. I also are trying to create expressive multi-coloured paintings with paint.

  Art critic. Robert Hughes…. On Jackson Pollock:
“It is superfluous to say that Pollock is one of the legends of modern art. American culture never got over its surprise at producing him… his work was mined and sifted by later artists as though he were a lesser Picasso

I think this is a miss guided criticism.



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