Can Colour assist in a positive way, in the transformation of places and people to help the planet?


I am keen to draw attention to deforestation which in on-going and affects many parts of the world. We see bright green woodlands, full of colour, but much of the planet is barren land – cleared forests, this is dull, bleak, void of colour. More and more land is being lost each year and the replanting of young trees is not readdressing the balance.

My project consists of art-intervention in the park.  I am exploring the possibilities of painting the trees of Stockwood Park orange, a band of colour to illustrate the fact that without trees we would live in a desert. If it is   possible to do I am thinking of an area inside the visitors centre. I will be inviting selected local schools to take part, to make this a local community event.

Maybe other locations could be explored for this project as well.

The material I use will be biodegradable water based colorant.

I am inspired by the work of Konstantin Dimpoulos.  Australian artist and creator of the Blue Trees for Cities. He has taken his idea to many countries of the world.

 I would show how in a small way the significance of trees is in the urban environment by doing a similar installation/intervention. If anyone would like to contribute or take park in this contact me.


Joan Hunter.


01582 487859 and 07890 520658

In association and with the support of The University of Bedfords


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