This exhibition is about how spaces make us feel and what does architecture do for our lives. As I walked from room to room  I felt like part of this exhibition as I was invited to touch, walk climb, sit and talk and think about the world around me. This felt  very peaceful and a place to forget and hustle and bustle that was outside. I met friends and interacted with my favorite structure , a tunnel with was being filled of straws  by the public . Please see my Photos.ImageImageImageImage

This exhibition is so very different from most when using a gallery space.  There are no paintings, drawings or photographs ,this is purely senses overload. Each area was separate with a new theme. This shows how the power of architecture , which I assumed  was just about designing and building , but this exhibition moves your thoughts away from  the bricks and mortar and into spiritual state , the beauty of this seemed as time has stood still. This made me think of my  landscape sketches  and how I encapsulate small areas with a black line so every mark is different as each room is different.  I thoroughly enjoyed this installation .




20140122_181518 20140122_183552


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