20140320_142539Dripping paint.

Pouring thin paint.

Bradford dipped books looks at how the paint forms a pattern and a narrative.
By submersing books into a multi coloured container of paint , when lifted out results in various patterns, and the drips are left hanging on the page. Bradford is making his books unusable in one sense as they are no longer readable, but visually pleasing with colour and the dripping. This seems to create it own dialogue between the subject matter and the process.
His practice seems to be one that is on-going, similar to mine , always looking for ‘newness’ inventing a new way, changing the direction from which we approach Art.
I have just come across his coloured dripped spoons and a Spade ( Digging For Love) it also make these useful objects unusable as a spoon , but a beautiful piece of art.
For me it’s about the merging and flowing of the paint, as in life and the slow disintegration of the planet, but with the use of colour to highlight awareness of losing everything. I believe that everything can be lost, but not everything can be found.
I am not quite sure if I come under this heading or not.
Abstract Expressionism

My preferred style of work follows the Abstract Expressionism philosophy. I believe in the vitality of nature, and I try to capture this quality in my paintings by use of colour.
There is no brush-work in my paintings; all my work is done using various tools like knives, cloth, sponge etc. and pouring. And I consciously avoid the use of a brush, because I feel more connected with the creation when I’m in direct contact with the paints and surface.

• With my paintings it’s difficult to put a label on one’s own style, especially as mine has changed so much over the years. In my earlier days my work was representational but as I grow as an artist I have left those restraints behind and now have a much looser style more a kin to the impressionists. I like to let things happen by accident and strive to make the marks look unintentional, not deliberate, and natural as in nature. I am fascinated with colour and its effects.
• Now in spring 2014 my work is a mixture of representative paintings of my outside practise and abstract experimental in my studio space.

I am also fascinated in the way paint forms patterns with the free flow of paint. Here is one in the making.



Here I am experimenting with dripping the paint in the style of Jackson Pollock.










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