Joan Hunter

My practice

•My practice concerns the use of colour to promote awareness .
• In this Intervention in the Park which is being held at Stock wood Park Luton I will be transforming a group of trees by painting a band of orange onto naturally  sourced paper and this will be wrapped and tied around the trees to highlight the problem of deforestation.ImageImageImageImageImage

Christo and Jeanne-Claude have worked with trees for many years. The project originated in the 1960s, when the artists first proposed to wrap live trees. The Wrapped Trees in Riehen were the outcome of 32 years of effort.

Frank Bowling uses paint and the pouring method. I am interested in the way he uses colour and the chance outcomes of his paint pouring’s. He has an interesting use for bits of  tape, and newspaper that is left on the canvas by accident , he  paints over it to create  texture, this reinforces the sculptural quality of the build up of paint in the middle of the painting.
In my practice i will be doing the following items.

•Bringing the work indoors. Studio Based.
•Experimental video of pouring paint.
•Keep small sketchbook of detailed work.
•Make more paintings.

Within my practice I try to look at the work of as many Artists as possible. I spend quite a lot of time in London. I visit the R.A. and the Tate Modern and other galleries.

This is Frank Bowling

This is Frank Bowling

Goes with the painting of Frank Bowling.

Goes with the painting of Frank Bowling.



Looking at the emotional response to putting paint on canvas using the impasto style of applying paint., together with experimenting with other materials such as stitch and layering……………….
Artist other than Frank Bowling, I will be looking at Jackson Pollock, Hans Hoffman Franz Kline, as they inspire me with their work…………………
Primary research material will be a combination of visiting art galleries to view paintings. Looking at photographs, information from books and film.
Secondary sources will be attending group discussions about paintings to analyse the information of the primary source. Reading, written work in magazines and journals.

Another part of my work and concerns are about……..

The Greenhouse gasses are:
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a gas that is the biggest cause of Global Warming. It is mostly released into the atmosphere by the burning of coal, petrol and other forms of combustion.
Methane (NH4) Methane gas levels have almost doubled because of farming, since 1750 to 1990
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) This gas also damages the ozone layer but it contributes a a lot to Global Warming. The amount of CFCs in the air increases by 4% (delta enviro facts) every year.

Protecting forests
We campaign for forest protection because, without healthy, thriving forests, planet Earth cannot sustain life. As much as eighty per cent of the world’s forests have been degraded or destroyed. Greenpeace is campaigning for zero deforestation by 2020 to protect what is left of these extraordinary ecosystems.
Herakles Farms is cutting the heart out of Cameroon’s rainforest
Blogpost by Irène Wabiwa – May 11, 2012
Within the past few weeks, rainforest destruction has begun once again in one of Africa’s most important biodiversity hotspots: the coastal rainforest of Cameroon, at the fringe of the Congo Basin region. Herakles Farms, the American company behind the operation, is now pressing ahead with the establishment of a palm oil plantation in this precious area despite major social, environmental and legal concerns.

Wood charcoal is burning up more than what’s for dinner at backyard barbeques. In Brazil- the world’s largest consumer of wood charcoal, almost all of the wood charcoal is used to process pig iron ( a key ingredient for steel). Turning iron ore dirt into steel requires massive amounts of energy, and for the rainforest in the northeastern Amazon, this energy has come at a heavy price. Wood charcoal made from the charred remnants of the rainforest is used to heat pig iron blast furnaces that provide raw material for the steel mills and cast iron foundries. Steel is found everywhere – cars, appliances, construction, and airplanes.

Back to painting………Sorry I keep jumping about.
By Picasso. Quote. “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterwards you can remove all trace of reality. There’s no danger then . . . because the idea of the object will have left an indelible mark.”
Surely how you see a painting, how you react is an emotional response , but trying to interpret the painting by your knowledge of the subject will affect how you react to it.
I don’t think you can ever be sure of the artist intention or there is a correct way of reading a painting, only trying to describe the effect it has on yourself and figuring out what the artist is trying to say.
As Picasso says,” you must always start with something” I put pen or paint to paper or canvas and quickly cover the surface maybe with a colour or mark that is indicative of my thoughts as a starting point. I agree.


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