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Can Colour assist in a positive way, in the transformation of spaces to help save the planet?

I am keen to draw attention to deforestation which is on-going and affects many parts of the world. We see bright green woodlands, full of colour, but much of the planet is barren land – cleared forests, this is dull, bleak, void of colour. More and more land is being lost each year and the replanting of young trees is not readdressing the balance.
My project consists of art-intervention in the park. I am exploring the possibilities of painting the trees and a covering of the land of Stockwood Park orange, a band of colour around the trees to illustrate the fact that without trees we would live in a desert, and a covering of yellow/orange cloth to suggest the desert. I will be inviting selected local schools to take part, to make this a local community event.
I will take photographs in different areas as a recording of the event to enable me to make large paintings at the later date. The material I use will be biodegradable water based paint.
I am inspired by the work of Konstantin Dimpoulos. Australian artist and creator of the Blue Trees for Cities. He believes the only way is to take his art outside among nature where people will take notice. Artist Cristo who wraps objects, cliffs, bridges, and trees, just to draw attention to what is already there, by the immense use of colour.
I am hoping to understand and develop new ideas which could enhance me in my exploration of colour and giving a visual voice to highlight the plight of trees.
I am hoping the viewer can see and recognise something within themselves that provokes positive thoughts towards the importance of preserving trees.

art intervention poster

Firstly I arranged a meeting with the manager at Stockwood Park to put to him my ideas. Also the Exhibition Manager for Museums in Luton.
I had several meetings to discuss when, where and how I was planning to bring this Art Intervention together.
After sorting out a suitable area of trees, next I looked at the the Burgoyne Room were the painting would take place, this is quite a large room which is used for school activities.
I decided that a 1 metre band of colour around the trees would give the desired effect of conveying a desert scene.
also with the amount of trees to do ,I did not want to run out of time.


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