Art in the Park 22/23 March 2014

Art Intervention in the Park.
After the event.

I have  sent  pictures from Art in the Park  days  to the Herald and Post newspaper.
Highlights at the Discovery Centre during the weekend:
lots of families had fun, learnt about deforestation, painted bright yellow, orange & red pictures & then wrapped a selection of trees!

Mums & Dads joined in the fun too helping their children create masterpieces!

We had books, pictures & facts on trees & deforestation to inform & educate & here’s one of the wonderful comments left by a mother who’s children took part, “Great art event – creativity & a meaningful message combined. Stumbled upon during a family day out. Would be lovely to see more events like this in the future”.
Many families arrived early (not that they had seen the posters or knew about the Art project) but just thought that it opened at 10am at the weekends too! In fact it opens at 11am .I was there for 10am to talk to those people that were waiting for the centre to open, did not want anyone to miss the opportunity to take part in my event.  So had some lovely conversations with them and most did pop over to help paint and wrap the trees!

It was a wonderful success and we have many positive comments left in our visitor’s book from all the happy families and children who had great fun splashing, rolling, dabbing, brushing bright reds, yellows & orange paint onto the biodegradable paper that they then wrapped onto the trees to highlight the effects of deforestation!

Art Intervention in the Park.
Before the event.
Schools that were contacted so pupils preferably 8yrs old and older would be suitable to take part.

carole ecott (ecottcl@btinternet.com); Sch.Rothesay Nursery Head ; Michael Howe (michael.howe@abcchildrenscentre.co.uk); Amy.sheridan@eastlutonchildrenscentre.co.uk; sharon.wheeler@communitylinkluton.com; denise.poore@luton.gcsx.gov.uk; gillian@meadowschildrenscentre.com; dallownursery@yahoo.co.uk; Hilary Wilson (hwilson@beechhillprimary.com); Linda Nouch ; Home-Start Central Beds (cherry@home-startcentralbeds.org.uk); Family Workers ; Goldsmith, Sarah (GCSx) (Sarah.Goldsmith@luton.gcsx.gov.uk); Shamim Ulzaman ulzamans@foxdell.juniorluton.co.uk

Posters were sent and a note.

Dear All

Please see attached – an opportunity for young people to take part in a free event at Stockwood Park – please circulate to your families


Poster and directors for event.

Poster and directions for event.


The day went well with all ages joining in.








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