Walled Garden, Luton Hoo. 11th May 2014
10.30 – 5pm
Activities and Entertainment

Paint a Tree Desert Orange
Artist Joan Hunter is passionate about trees and wants to highlight the effects of deforestation that is destroying our beautiful world. Come along to the Orchard Avenue, have fun painting & colouring paper with bright desert colours, wrapping it around the trees and learning about why we must save our forests. The paint is kindly sponsored by Slip End Garage.

Part of the HOO’S KIDS BOOK FEST. ( This is for the programme of events.)

In order for me to go ahead with this Intervention I attended several meeting with the organizers and the head gardener to  establish  which trees were suitable for wrapping and where to erect my gazebo for the housing of tables and paints.

In the morning of the 11th May set up with be from 8 am and 8.30am  a briefing in the estate office to collect name badges and go though the health and safety rules. Set up ready for the opening at 10. 0 am.

There will information cards on deforestation and saving the rain forests and I will be explaining about my art  and how colour can make us notice the beauty in nature.

Before the event , this is a photo of the trees.

The event went well despite the it being a very windy day. The gazebo stayed up and the children’s paper was held down by terracotta flower pots.
I talked about deforestation in different parts of the world and how using colour can make people ware of this. i ask them ‘ what was the first thing you saw when coming into the garden’ and 80% said the orange trees. After learning about the loss of trees worldwide and the colour orange was to show you that you would only have sand and burnt ground when all the trees were gone and that the future of the human race largely rely on trees for our carbon dioxide so we can breathe and exist. People thought this was a good way of showing and highlighting the problem.
At the end of this Art Intervention the trees were returned to their natural state.

Here are the trees outside of the orchard.

Here is the orchard.








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