The Blue Trees.

Konstantin Dimopoulos is temporarily  transforming the  different areas around the world to inspire awareness about deforestation.

Deforestation contributes to climate change.  Losses of up to 32 million trees a year are recorded. Trees that give out the oxygen for us.

“Through my work I am striving to address global issues and provide a visual platform to effect change. So many universal concerns seem larger than an individual’s power of influence and I want to evoke in people the idea that we can all contribute to change in a positive way.” – Konstantin Dimopoulos.

For people to understand and think about trees he has to make them visible. We can help people see, open their eyes to the beauty of trees and their importance of being here. To open up our imagination.


 I do admire the work and effort he put into his painting of the trees, but as this paint takes up the three months to wash off the trees, it seem such a messy and unnecessary way of doing this project. That is why I am using my method of wrapping. Wrapping is cleaner and quicker to return the trees back to their natural state. 


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