Here are some of my sketch book drawings.

These relate to my my investigation into colour and presenting the life of trees.

Here are a series of bark rubbings, worked into with conte pencil and ink pen. These are produced outside and depend upon finding the right tree, the area on the tree and adding colour, if any, depending whether there is light or shade that I wish to show. It makes me feel as one with nature and that is important so that the feel of the tree comes across to the viewer.

20140509_123920 20140509_123942 20140509_124006 20140509_124023 20140509_124102 20140509_124139 20140509_124202 20140509_124235 20140509_124313 20140509_124334 20140509_124408 20140509_123438 20140509_123713 20140509_123826 20140509_123847 20140509_123902 20140508_210025 20140508_210051 20140508_210107 20140508_210122 20140508_210136 20140508_210147 20140508_210200 20140508_210324 20140508_210334 20140508_210400 20140508_210412 20140508_210419 20140508_210500 20140508_210524 20140508_210310

The coloured drawings and paintings are to show that there is so much colour in nature.
My inspiration comes from woodland landscapes, the way the light filters though the branches, the dark areas of damp leaves and the sadness of fallen trees. I try to show that the impersonal and sometimes disregarded things, like a fallen branch or uprooted tree have a personal meaning which will affect people in many different ways. The use of the joined up line is enclosing my thoughts and emotions as if catching that moment of thought in time.


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