This talk is of particular interest to students about to graduate, and students who have been set projects related to curating.

Beth Bramich is a curator and writer based in London. She recently completed the Stanley Picker Trainee ship at Matt’s Gallery, London and previously held positions at East side Projects, Birmingham and Nottingham Contemporary. She is currently studying Critical Writing in Art & Design at the Royal College of Art.

In Beth Bramich’s talk today Beth spoke about her involvement with ‘The Art Space ‘ which is in Norwich and is run by graduates from the Norwich University, they have a website in which you can become a member quite cheaply and they do events that are just for members. They do 12 shows a year and Bramich said that the people there are very supportive and this helped her with her work. so this is well worth looking into.
Beth talked about many places that she has done projects including Glasgow. Bramich’s first professional job was as a dis-reductionist assistance, which is about marketing, press and digital work, also Beth talked about gallery management. All this training has helped her with her critical writing and to decide which career path to go down.
A big advantage to her was setting up a gallery with Mike Nelson, Beth found working with a well known artist helped her get her next post. This was with The East-side Project called Extra Special People, Bramich organised a couple of exhibitions and this helped her go forwards into getting a good job in creative writing with A N Publishing.
Bramich also had a week at the Frieze Art Fair. London ( Art Fair for Contemporary Artists.) again with The East-side Project , selling bread. They reconstructed a cricket pavilion within the the large tent that houses the Frieze and was selling bread and fortune cookies. The fortune cookies had artists sayings inside and the bread was made by 12 artists with their stencil designs on them, so you were eating a piece of artwork. I think this is a great way to make art and promote yourself.
Bramich went on to do more writings about sculpture and in particularly the poster of King Kong who’s statue is in the Bull Ring in Birmingham.
What has interested me the most is that Bramich has been involved in with the Wasteland Twinning which is a public project in Nottingham, researching ways to get land back in public use. There were 4 people involved in this project and Bramich suggested they played a game of rounders on the waste ground to see if anyone noticed or complained, nobody did, so Bramich designed and handed out leaflets with a survey to the public and ask them to respond to what kind of public artwork they would like to see on their local wasteland. I think this is a good way to get people involved in the community, and aware of their local countryside.

Bramich has now published a book which is now on show in an exhibition space and she is now doing an M.A. at the Royal Collage of Art on Art Writing.
Bramich has made the best use possible of her time since finishing her B.A. Now her future looks promising in a career in Art Writing.


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