Books I have read which have helped me in researching for my FMP.
(Paul Moorhouse) 22nd August 2005. Richard Long. Walking the line. Thames and Hudson Ltd.

R A. Magazines.
R.A. Summer Exhibition Illustrated 2013.


Mel Gooding. Frank Bowling. Royal Academy of the Arts Production.
Richard Long- Walking in Circles. Anthony d’Offay Gallery. Page 24
Heller G. N. 2002 Why Painting is like a Pizza. Book. New Jersey Princeton University Press. Page 76.
Ralph Meyer. 1991. The Artist’s Handbook of materials & techniques. Fifth Edition. Book. England Mackey’s of Chatham plc. Page 260
Paul Moorhouse. 22nd August 2005. Richard Long. Walking the Line. Thames and Hudson. Ltd.
Gray, C and Malins, J., Visualising Research: A Guide to the Research Process in Art and Design, Ashgate,
2004, Schon, D.A. The Reflective Practitioner, How Professionals Think in Action. Ashgate, 2000

Colin Gleadell on Frank Bowling. 12th March 2013. The Daily Telegraph. Newspaper..
Christo- The New York Times Art Pages. Jean-Claude Obituary November 19th 2009
Per Kirkeby Landscapes. Tate Modern 17th June 2009. The Guardian Newspaper. Article by Adrian Searle.
The Seattle Times.com April 2nd 2012. Article by Mary Jan Spadafora
The Natural History of Madagascar. University of Chicago Press. 2003 Page 709.

www. Christo and Jean-Claude.net. 1998 Wrapped Trees. Switzerland.( Accessed 5th December 2013)
www. John Nieto. Altamira Fine Art .com ( Accessed 10th December 2013)
www. artchive.com. K Kandinsky.( Accessed December 23nd 2013)
www. arthistory.about.com (Accessed 3nd January 2014)
www. abstractartist.com (Accessed 10th January 2014)
www. georgesbraque.org ( Accessed (12th January 2014)

www. nga.gov/feature/Rothko (Accessed January 13th 2014)
www. pablopicasso.org (Accessed January 14th 2014)
www. livescience.com (Accessed January 16th 2014)
Directed by Thomas Rielelsheimer. ‘Rivers and Tides’ Documentary.) DVD released 24th July 2006. (Accessed December 2nd 2013)
History of Art…… A.N. Hodge

Inner Gorge Metaphors…..Serena Supplee

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