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I had the 4th and final in introductory  lecture today by Colin Davis . To consider and deepen an insight into the work of contemporary art  and design practitioners and critics. I am already studying the work of Frank Bowling , Hans Hoffman and Joan Mitchell as my main artists to follow.

Critics I am reading are Clement  Greenberg , Harold Rosenberg and Robert Hughes to understand the way and why certain paints were use by my chosen artists.

I am encouraged to look at other peoples work , question it with an critical eye.

Consider,  discourse  – conversation – discussion

I was shown works by Bernard and Hilda Becher

Their work of many photos together looks good this is called data set. I could see this may also make an informative way of display many small paintings.

I was shown a film about Evan Roth. His work is mainly made on computers as new media.

I have to look at the way to facilitate and the construction of critical and contextual framework against which I can locate my own creative practice.

To think of context of place.- Where will my work be most suitable. ie. as a book, gallery or other.

Video of the work by Gareth Pugh,. A fashion designer, clothing and how it reacts to the cloth. Tension, the between the doing and the finish.

I will digest all this information and see how this could influence and help my work. .

Joan Hunter. 29 October 2013.

5th November 13  1-2 pm Lecture with Gary and Mo

This was about essay writing. Structure and formal grammar

Assignment 1. end 6th June. . That is this reflective journal .

Assignment 2. end 5 pm 17 Jan 14 for the Rationale. on Turnitin. What will I feed into my FMP etc.

I am now started to write parts of the essay. I am looking into the works of Konstantin Dimpoulos, an Australian   land based Artist.. He paints trees. I am trying to convey a message through colour to draw attention to the plight of the destruction of the rain forests.

During this last week I have listened to the Grayson Perry Reith Lectures on Radio 4.


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